Friday, November 11, 2011

Karthika Pournami Celebrations with Divyajanani!

Karthika Pournami, a day considered very auspicious by Hindus and celebrated by lighting lamps.

A day, which is to be remembered and lamp lit on that day to be protected for ever, for those lamps are nothing but - Lamp of Knowledge. Lord Shiva, who represents "Gnana" is also considered Guru, and many aspire the Lord to light their lamps of knowledge.

At Nagole, the members of Nagole Satsang celebrated this festival in the presence of Divyajanani Alivelu Mangamma. Festivities started with Divyajanani lighting the lamp. The women, the fortunate few gathered on the occassion, and Gurukulam girls, got their lamps lit by Divyajanani. On this occassion, Babugaru, while explaining the importance of the festival, told the gathering to protect the "lamps" lit by Ammagaru for ever in their hearts and help light many other!

One of the points that came out prominently during the festivities was, the role of woman in changing the society for better. Babugaru stressed the need to understand the importance of each festival, the significant part it is playing in our lives and translating it to the families welfare. The connect between generations can only be passed if one understands the rituals and traditions more thoroughly, otherwise, they become blind faiths vulnerable to criticism. To turn around the society on to a spiritual path, the Woman in the family need to be a pivot and disseminate the knowledge to the next generation.

Let us all try to know more about our culture, traditions and rituals more and more so that we can sincerely follow them to benefit more and help the cause of society.

May we protect the lamps lit by Divyajanani and Sai Master and help light many more lamps!

May Sadguru Alivelu Mangamma sahita Bharadwaja Maharaj bless us all to carry on this work!