Monday, March 18, 2013

Lifetime Teachings 17 - SAI MASTER SAYS.....

Jai Sai Master!

Science and spirituality are always two lines that attracted many, either because they are genuinely interested in deciphering what spirituality is (say like people in west using science to understand spirituality) or to understand how science is contraindicating the beliefs (like people mostly in east or few religious propagators who want to be ready with counters) or to bring a correlation between what is current science talking about various practices and traditions, and to promote the spirituality in life. In a world, following rather than understanding the real purpose of certain practices is prevalent, either due to lack of interest or lack of purpose, some of the "done works" by some people "kick-in" that need to atleast look at that side with awe. 

One such holy book, holy because, it was written way back in 80's and written with an authority quoting hundreds of genuine references and yet, putting things in very lucid manner for every interested person to understand and follow, is Vignana Veechikalu by Pujya Acharya Ekkirala Bharadwaja. HE took various aspects of science - physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, physiology - to correlate spirituality from these  subjects. In my view, those who are interested in science can start using the same to dig through the mine called spirituality which will definitely yield treasure of happiness as one digs in more and more. 

[Those who think the spiritual experiences are unbelievable or blind beliefs, are not conscious of the fact that the daily life experiences are also similar. They do not recognize this fact. For example, if there is a white wall, the one who do not know what is white may not understand even if told. If two people see the wall, they may experience something, but the one who associates with a word, white, recognises that feeling as white wall. The other person who has no association, can not feel anything. In a similar manner, for the one who has not experienced spiritual upliftment, how can he feel it? - Excerpt from the holy book, Vignana Veechikalu by Sri Sai Master]

If one tries to scratch the surface and look at things a bit differently, keeping aside the perceptions and associations, the whole life experiences appear differently. Probably that is why, kids are fresh in their thinking as they have few associations. While reading about this, in one of the articles on color perception, I found an interesting statement which strikes at us very hard. It is - What this means is that our simplest perception has shaped who we are. What's more, and this is amazing indeed, colour, which remember does not exist, has shaped the physical tapestry of the world itself. It has also been at the heart of human culture. (Do you see what I see?)

Very interesting indeed and if one puts in the head a little seriously in this book, it could lead to, probably, a wonderful and colorful journey ahead, with full of experiences. This could change the way, we look at the whole creation.

Only HE could have written such a wonderful book. 

Jai Sai Master!!