Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcoming new year@Nilayam, Nagole

This is how it started at Nilayam, where Divyajanani is staying currently. The function started around 11 pm. It was rather a colorful start...All resources pooled in and the result is ---beautiful and colorful start.

Happy New does one make it?

Wish you a wonderful new year ahead and may Sri Sai Master bless you and your family with the best!

This is a wish that is going to innumerable friends and near and dear ones of mine. This is the same wish that I have for every year. However, is there anything that I can share really that makes all those benefit from? Yes. The message of yesterday's satsang at midnight that went well past 2 O' clock with many still hanging around. It was a simple message - What do we need ? What does spirituality mean and how to live spiritually? Why should one live spiritually?

Is carrying out pooja every day for sometime suffice? If we are going to the temple on the best days that we think suffice one to say they are spiritually oriented, while doing everything that is against or not doing as what is given in the scriptures (of any religion)?  When I meet people, this is one question that is posed quite commonly - why am I living spiritually or oriented spiritually. While I would be happy to live like that, the point that I am not living or oriented spiritually.......STILL...even after reading Sri Sai Leelamrutam or Sri Gurucharitra for quite long time, shows that I am way off from what is expected of such readers or people doing parayana every day. 

To live spiritually means, to live like a HUMAN BEING. Caring, loving and behaving....everything will be like a human being. When we say Lord Rama is a real MAN, we have set our bench mark. Jesus Christ, or Buddha, or Prophet or any other such Mahatmas have clearly mentioned what is means to be a HUMAN BEING. With that, let me start comparing myself to understand how far I have to travel. Will my current "Janma" or so called time till death be enough to become a human being? I am not worried. But would like to start walking towards that GOAL. That is the only wish that I have starting this year. Probably, let that be the only GOAL that I will have for every new year. Try and try till I succeed. Rest in Sri Sai Master's hands.