Thursday, December 27, 2012

Datta Jayanti @Nagole

Jai Sai Master!

27-12-2012, Nagole. Morning 930 hrs.

The program started with Bhajans while the final decorations were going on, for performing puja on the occassion of Datta Jayanti. As Babugaru said, this is one of the two important dates in everyone's calendar as today, we perform puja to all Mahatmas in whose form, Lord Dattatreya is blessing us. The Everpresent and Omnipresent Lord, who roams around in various forms, gives out a message that HE is teaching through every form if we can see and learn. Once again, this day reminds us of that truth and gives an opportunity to re-focus on this point. 

The function started around 1130 am with the arrival of Divyjanani, followed by Sainatha puja and Datta puja. This was followed by a talk by Babugaru (Sri Ekkirala Dwarakanath Jnaneswar). During his talk, he went on explaining how a human searches for happiness in every worldly act without learning how to do it properly. When we do not focus on how to do, naturally we fail to derive happiness out of that particular act. For example, if we know how to eat properly, we can enjoy every meal that we take. At the same time, if we eat for the sake of eating and do not focus on what we are eating and how we are eating, we will be left with little bit of dissatisfaction. Even with full stomach, if we see something interesting to eat, we feel like eating. However, a happy stomach never feels so. This can be extrapolated to every act and understood by us. But we are so busy with routine, we have neither inclination nor enough time to bother about what we are doing. To test ourselves, simply try to remember what we did yesterday. Most of us will not remember even 10% of our time spent properly. 

This is a wonderful message and in a way very apt to help us to re-focus our life much better. 

A bhajan on Lord Datta followed the talk and once the bhajan was over, Maha Naivedyam was given to the Lord. 

After Mahanaivedyam, aarti was given to the Lord Dattatreya present in the form of various Mahatmas on the puja dais. The program ended with Divyajanani leaving the puja hall for her abode. The blessed devotees gathered on this day, which was telecast live, paid obeisance and took leave after partaking the prasadam.

The complete video of the event is available here.

Jai Sai Master!!