Sunday, April 01, 2012

SAI BABA - a spiritual and scientific magazine for this Century and times to come!

Jai Sai Master!

There are innumerable magazines in this world catering to millions about spirituality and scientific spirituality. However, rarely one finds a magazine or post, which purely caters to the above mentioned without bothering about commercial elements, which might take the focus out of the content and leave a sour note in the reader's mind. Sai Baba magazine, is one such which was started way back in 1983, and going on unhindered, month after month, doling out the best that satisfies the seeker of knowledge.
One of the cover pages of the magazine
In the current world, taking advantage of gullibility of people, many people claiming to be Gurus cropped up making spirituality a business. They even made spirituality a joke through their actions. While adulteration / faking is common in every field, it is common in spiritual world too. To protect the society and to promote the spiritual life in a clean form,out of sheer love and affection towards deteriorating conditions, Sri Sai Master started a magazine "Sai Baba" in the year 1983. From then onwards, Sri Sai Master doled out the best to the readers, and the real seekers of spiritual knowledge.

Through this, Sri Sai Master tried to introduce Mahathmas whom he visited and interacted closely, explain philosophy of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, explained the cryptic messages of Sri Sai Baba to enable reader understand the real purport of what HE said, explained the logic behind celebrating various festivals throughout the year, right-way of living, right education for kids and many such useful topics which will enrich the real seekers or the parents to help them bring-up their kids in the best environments.

Few more magazines which are posted on-line
From the year 2009 onwards, these magazines are being posted on the net, to enable readers to access on-line and read, and contemplate.