Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lifetime Teachings 16 - SAI MASTER SAYS.....

Jai Sai Master!

One of the most difficult things to happen in life for anyone is finding a place where they will find the ultimate peace and happiness. As we are born and brought up in a world yearning for comforts, filled with machines and mechanical motions, with a set pattern of living, it is very difficult to see beyond even when searching for true happiness. First of all, knowing that there is something beyond itself is a chance that comes once in a million. Even then, realising that it is THAT we are searching, is a one in a billion chance. By the time the billionth chance comes, our present life would be over.

But then, is there a way out? Yes. Searching for someone who is a realised soul. Not by judging them, but by following a defined path, a path well etched in our traditions and mentioned in holy books, like Bhagavadgita or Sri Gurucharitra. Only a realised soul can help us realise THAT, if our yearning sustains and flows over the brim. It is also mentioned in those books that such a person would appear when we are ready to receive what HE can tell and follow the same. That means, that search must be our life purpose and even our acts in materialistic life should be a part of that whole preparation or Sadhana.