Sunday, June 24, 2012

Science and Spirituality_1- The origin

Jai Sai Master!

Does GOD exists? A question that flashes back of our mind every second whether we "believe" in GOD or "do not believe" in HIM. Though we celebrate festivals, go to temples, when faced with the question above, we try to defend ourselves or our belief. For sure, we can not prove. Is there a way to prove that HE exists?

Today, science has developed a lot and it helps us to solve this question easily. Those who went through basic studies, understand the language of atoms and elements, we can for sure know that everything is made up of smallest blocks, called atoms. While science is trying to "discover" the secrets of origin, some are trying to fight through vehemently saying "GOD is a delusion". However, even they know in the heart of hearts, that they can not prove neither HE exists or not. Does HE exists?

Sri Sai Master, "the son of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba", proved beyond doubt that there is an "Energy" which can be called by any name, be GOD or be Shirdi Sai Baba or any other. In his little book, penned around 80s, called "Edi Nijam", he explains that in the begining, there is only "Consciousness" and it had the ability to experience its presence. He further explains as below:

The Vedas and upanishads provided enough information to those who tried to understand the creation. The Taittareeyopanishad (of Yajurveda) explains as above which means:

 - He desired to become many! He desired to evolve! He did penance and created this universe. Once HE created, HE entered in it and became the undefinable consciousness, called TRUTH.

Those who argue about the non-existence of the Super Natural or The Ultimate, their arguments can only go up to Big Bang and not beyond it. Only the scriptures like Vedas can explain the origin in an undisputed ways. If one observes carefully, what science has discovered so far is only a bit of what is already mentioned in our scriptures.

The current science development helps all those who are believing in GOD's existence to prove beyond doubt that a Supra natural exists, which can be called by any name, including GOD.

Jai Sai Master!!