Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lifetime Teachings 12- SAI MASTER SAYS.....

Jai Sai Master!

All through the life, everyone tries to find the right focus and if one is fortunate, will get that focus in the minute before last breath. Rarely, people get that focus right. Why does this happen? Not because of too many distractions that we all think. But because of our own distractions, or the distractions that we created in some form or other. 

Today, in the name of socialisation, we are ending up with this kind of distraction, which consumes lot of our energy and more importantly...our time. We never think how critical is that distraction. In between, when the stress levels go up (a commonly used word of "Professionals"), we turn our attention to a thing called GOD. Otherwise, we feel like GOD. We have no time to understand, nor time to seek answers from the right person, due to which many of our good old traditions are coming under attack. Generation to generation, the gap is increasing and knowledge transfer is ceasing. 

For all these, there is only one remedy and that is with every individual. SELF. One needs to gain control on the most important organ, which ironically can not be pointed out as HERE...THE MIND. Today, every other person has taken control of our mind, rather than ourself, and is getting filled with information which we can not use, but can impact our health. As we hear more, we feel "frustrated", and as alternative turn our attention to cheap enjoyment, like movies or television. Is it that difficult to gain control on mind? YES. with so many distractions and conditioning in schools, one needs to unlearn all that first and start filling self with good information or gain knowledge. This gives rise to right thinking or acting right. This in turn helps us to find the right people around us and live right, to promote right thinking and developing right perspective about society. As we try moving ahead in life in this direction, with effort on controlling the mind to think right, at some point of time, it might become possible. If any one of the above mentioned does not happen, then we go back to square-one.