Saturday, January 12, 2013

Swamiji's Jayanthi! A day to pause and contemplate on HIS message!

Jai Sai Master!

Arise, Awake and Stop not till the Goal is reached!

These words ring in our ears the moment we think of Swamiji, as Swami Vivekananda was called fondly by many. He was like a Lion and walked with his head held high and spoke highly of Mother India. He said he never realised the greatness of this nation till he went to the west. 

Swami Vivekananda's statue at Dakshineshwar
His love for the nation and faith in his GURU were hallmarks of his life. His innumerable writings and speeches on how to live right are guiding beacons to youth of India. In the formative ages of life, these messages and writings make a lot of difference to any person's outlook and will help strengthen the base for the life ahead. While he is being given a place of pride across the nation and this day is being celebrated as Youth day, he faced lot of criticism in the days when he set about spreading the message across the nation.