Saturday, March 30, 2013

Visit to Sri Nampally Baba with Divyajanani!

Jai Sai Master!

Rarely one gets an opportunity to be in a place where a great event unfolds right infront of our eyes. Once that happens, it becomes a major milestone in life and leaves with more strength to move ahead in the path of spirituality.

One such occassion was witnessed by Nagole Satsang Members on Good Friday, 29-03-2013 and all those present, are all blessed or should it be said, showered with blessings. It is really wonderful and quite elevating to be in the presence of those two Mahathmas.

It all started at 4 pm on 29-03-2013 officially, while the preparation to feel the energy started couple of days back with reading of Sri Manikya Prabhu charitra and Sri Swami Samartha (Sri Akkalkot Swamy Charitra). The members prepared for this trip, which is a mile stone in everyone's life, with all sincerity and were eager to live every moment of the evening with Divyajanani in the presence of other Mahathma, Sri Nampally Baba.