Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Karma and Chemical Equilibrium

Jai Sai Master!


A wonderful subject which will help anyone understand the physics of human body in an excellent fashion. 

The vessel called human body is a group of molecules and the whole process of living can be beautifully understood through chemistry. Be the energy generation or mass converting in to energy, creation of thoughts, response to the thoughts etc..

The whole universe is interconnected. Everything. As the saying goes, on earth, a small movement of butterfly can cause changes in the weather conditions otherside of the globe is not a joke. Lawrence Krauss has proved that the whole place is like a medium and every single body is displacing the medium when it is moving. Every single body in the sense, be human body or the animal or the planet. The space that we see, is full of matter. If we understand this and start visualising, then we understand the words, resistance, drag etc. much better. However, many of us, when we hear this, say, we know it. But, how many of us understand the implications of this?