Monday, July 23, 2012

Sri Ramavadhuta Pichhamma Talli - A brief

Jai Sai Master!

The main aim of every human being is to search for a Sadguru. However, there is only one way of searching for a Sadguru and it is very well explained in "Sri Gurucharitra". The Guru, comes to the seeker, in some form, when the time is right. Till then, the seeker has to read scriptures, visit Mahatmas and read their biographies to understand how to live like them, and prepare himself.

It is easy to read scriptures, but very difficult to know about Mahatmas, as one can not identity by themselves who is a Mahatma. One of the best things that happened to Andhra Pradesh, is Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja. He gave the world wealth of information on Mahatmas and wrote biographies on few, which are very famous for giving in-depth information about them. One such person, whom he himself visited, was Mala Pichhmma, as she is called.

Avadhuta Pichhmma was born in the year 1870, in a place called Kurumaddali, which is located in Gudivada district of Andhra Pradesh, around 30-40 kms from Vijayawada. From a young age, she was known to be a great soul through her acts. While not much of literature is found in the form of books or biographies, as she is known to say, "keep my memories in the mind and not on the paper", probably, not many turned up. However, when you talk to people, or read whatever little is available on her, one understands the greatness of this soul.

The tree underwhich Pichhammtalli sat and
 meditated for long hours

Place where Pichhammatalli meditated
Amma is used do penance for many hours and when in samadhi, many serpents used to twine her body like garlands. People used to be surprised at her state and used to get scared. She transcended to a different level through her penance and she used to tell her close associates that atma merged in to paramatma. She used to roam around with a piece of cloth around her shunning proper clothing, indicating that all those are for those who are living in this materialistic world. The most surprising part is, when she roamed around freely in the rain, neither her small piece of cloth or the place in which she sat never got wet. She never used to get wet even in heavy rains.