Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcoming new year@Nilayam, Nagole

This is how it started at Nilayam, where Divyajanani is staying currently. The function started around 11 pm. It was rather a colorful start...All resources pooled in and the result is ---beautiful and colorful start.

The Satsang started with a bhajan to set the tone for welcoming the new year at the stroke of midnight. Bhajan went on for 30 minutes and Babugaru spoke after that. He picked the topic well to remind one self what they need to look for as an individual in the new year. He explained the need to live Sai Master's way for that is the only way which Sri Shirdi Sai Baba appreciated. Once we say we pray to Sri Sai Baba, where is the opportunity to look elsewhere or live differently ? There is only one way HE taught everyone to live and beautifully explained by Sri Sai Master through his life and also in his books - Shirdi Sai Baba, Life and Teachings, or Sri Sai Leelamrutham.

Divyajanani gave darshan around 1130 pm and it was a blessing for all to have started the first few minutes of their new year in her presence. I am sure that presence will help them immensely in the new year in every seva that one does.

Babugaru continued the talk in the presence of Divyajanani, and at the stroke of midnight gave aarti to welcome the new year.

After nivedana and aarti, everyone got blessings of Divyajanani and oodi as prasadam. The satsangam continued even after Divyajanani's darshan was over. This went well past 2.30 am and everyone listened very attentively every word Babugaru said and went back with immense joy and happiness with the feeling that they ushered in english new year in the best way possible and in the best of the presence possible on this universe.

May Sri Sai Master and Divyajanani bless all those who gathered to welcome the new year in their presence with the best to enable everyone walk in the path shown by THEM. May peace prevail and poorest of the poor, both economically and spiritually, be blessed with the best by their grace. Let us all surrender to them.

Jai Sai Master!!!

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