Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Questioning - An important aspect of life for a brighter TOMORROW

Jai Sai Master!

Questioning the status quo or full of questions...many of us would have used these words quite a few times in our lives. However, to what extent we pursued those questions or to what extent we answered those questions is what is more important.

Those who are with children often encountered questions which were seemingly difficult to answer. However, there are mothers like Kaikeyee in Ramayana, who brought a mirror to give a feel to Little Ramachandra that he had moon in his hand. 

Questioning is the only one which makes one discover or innovate. Before Newton, many people noticed falling fruits. Only Newton questioned it and discovered the word "Gravity", which advanced our thinking by few notches.

The core philosophy, if I could say, of Sri Sai Master is "Satyanveshana (seeking the Truth)". Without accepting traditions blindly, try questioning so that we can do it better or follow better. This is something, that we need to do in our everyday life. We go to school without knowing why. We work without a goal or asking ourselves what we want out of the work. We get married, because our elders say so, but not understanding why we need to go through that process. At every step, we just live or drag our life through. But never question the next step or try seek answers. This very habit of going through the motions in life, we hand over to the next generation and then next and then next. 

What we need today, is allow our young generation to ask. Open up and seek answers freely so that we can start the process of setting things right...in ourselves, in our family and in our society. Try understand why we are doing what we want to do and how helpful that is for our selves, for our family and for the society. 

This is the only way..we can look for a brighter tomorrow. 

Jai Sai Master!!!

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