Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Gurupurnima Celebrations@Nagole, Hyderabad-3 July 2012

Jai Sai Master!

Today, on the occassion of Gurupurnima, thousands or in lakhs, people would have visited the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba temple or other Mahatma's places seeking blessings of their Guru. The one and only saviour, the manifestation of the Ultimate Truth, The Guru, will be prayed for betterment of self and move closer to the realisation. This is infact, the one and only festival, that Sri Shirdi Sai Baba asked those present in Dwarakamai to celebrate.
(Translation broadly - Gurupurnima: In the year 1908, Krishnaji Nulkar of Pandari visited Shirdi and was in Chavadi. Sri Sai Baba told Shyama- "Ask that old man to do puja to the pillar near Dhuni". Shyama conveyed the message and returned and immediately Sri Sai Baba told him and others present to join Nulkar in puja. However, Shyama said they would do puja to Sri Sai Baba instead of pillar and pressed hard till Sri Sai Baba consented. When they checked the date, that day happened to be a full moon day and more than that, it was Gurupurnima. They all performed puja to Sri Sai Baba. From then, the tradition of celebrating Gurupurnima started in Shirdi. This was the only festival that Sri Sai Baba told to performFrom "Sri Sai Baba's sayings in  Sri Sai Leelamrutam written by Sri Sai Master)

This became a tradition for everyone across to celebrate on this day and seek blessings of their Guru. 

Following this, at Nagole, Gurupurnima was celebrated with spiritual fervor. The celebrations started with decorating the place of puja, creating an ideal setting for all those who came to stay spiritually aligned. The function started at 10 am with chanting. Divyajanani arrived in the function hall at 1030 am and the programmes set for the day started. Sri Dwarakanath Jnaneswar (son of Sri Sai Master and Divyajanani) set the tone for the day by explaining the importance of the day and reinforcing the point that everyone must start  working on "change". This was followed by puja to Guru, the one in physical form and the other who is omnipresent. After puja, Divyajanani, in her Gurupurnima message, asked everyone to work sincerely towards spending some part of the day, purely thinking about Guru and how we can move closer. She also reminded that 100 years back, at Gurusthan, the padukas were placed on Pournami day. The program ended at 1.00 pm and once Divyajanani left the pandal, prasad was distributed to the devotees present.

In the evening, the devotees did a Nagara Samkirthanam (going around in the streets chanting and doing bhajan). The devotees carried padukas around with utmost reverence amidst chanting the name of Guru and Sri Sai Baba.

Once they reached Divyajanani's Nilayam, where it started, they gave aarti and welcomed the padukas inside. 

In Datta tradition, the padukas are the most important once that a disciple has to hold on to, for they enable him to hold on to Guru.

Indeed a great day for all those who could make it to Nagole to be a part of these celebrations. All those will return to Divyajanani's place next year, hopefully, by following what she asked everyone to do. 

May Sri Sai Baba and Sri Sai Master bless those who want to move ahead in the path of spirituality fearlessly. 

Jai Sai Master!!

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