Saturday, August 04, 2012

Science and Sprituality_2- The Progress

Jai Sai Master!

Today, the natural leaning of human kind, or of the majority of human kind, stands somewhere between believer and non-believer of the word GOD. Many a people feel shy to talk about GOD or the related matters, feigning mostly based on the situation they are in. In sly, however, they tend to fear to do anything that remotely feels "against GOD". Why do people develop this perspective? Do we feel inferior thinking that current science contradicts belief in GOD? I feel, this is purely due to improper handing over of knowledge or Knowledge transfer from generation to generations or IMPROPER UNDERSTANDING OF OUR HOLY SCRIPTURES.

We look up to the west thinking that development is happening there and science is progressing rapidly, while it is a fact that our older generations had better knowledge of everything. In this information technology age, when everything can be searched for, we rarely do the right thing, but still depend on tit-bits or hearsay. Unfortunate!

How many of us know that Sri Bharadwaja Maharshi wrote a book named "Yantra Sastram" which describes various machines, planes and their parts? It explains in detail how one can escape enemy planes or directional guides etc..(Vymanika Sastram). Sri Rama asks Bharata whether the fort is being protected by machines appropriately. Raja Bhoja in his scripture "Samarangana Sutradhara" explains what qualities should be there for machine parts, their inter-dependence, perfection and tuning etc for sound proof movement and fuel efficiency. In chapter 31, the generation of hydraulic power is explained.

Maharshi Kanad explained about machines and different activities that can be achieved in "Vyseshika Darsanam". All these a few thousand years before Newton. This shows how rich we are in terms of science even before the word science started in the west. It is just a matter of looking within and searching, for which none in this generation has any time, inspite of free information available over the web. Scriptures in this Holy Land, INDIA, addresses every thing, and everything is designed for the betterment of society. Science, for the purpose of serving society, promoting peace and happiness, ensuring spirituality stays as back bone, was well developed and flourished. 

For today's generation, Sri Sai Master wrote many articles explaining the spirituality from current science point of view. One of them is Vignana Veechikalu. He encouraged the need to understand the importance of searching for answers for everything we see or hear or try to do and do the right thing only, without living blindly. While plenty of information is available in plenty and all around and we need to make sure we pick the right information and learn the way we are living. We have to search and search right....Let us learn to make our lives better and more meaningful.

Jai Sai Master!!

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