Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why and how to celebrate birthday- A message on Ammagaru's birthday!!

Jai Sai Master!

Celebrating birthday...everybody does in their own way. As we grow, sometimes, the intensity comes down and picks up as we live more than expected life time. But, why do we celebrate this day as a big day? If we deserve to celebrate, then how does one spend that day? To make it more meaningful, see some of the people who live life in meaningful way.

Ammagaru's birthday was celebrated on 10th of October 2012, in Nagole, Hyderabad. This was celebrated traditionally, as this is based on thithi, rather than the day. More than 150 people attended the celebrations and people from Kavali, Ongole came to seek Her blessings on this great day. While giving Her blessings through Her speech to all those assembled on this auspicious day, Ammagaru prodded everyone to understand the importance of celebrating birthdays, the methodology of celebrations. With Her focus on the young generation, She asked all parents present to re-think the way of celebrating birthdays and try talking and mending ways of kids way of looking at birthday celebrations, a way of making their life more meaningful, and ultimately walk in the path shown by Sri Sai Master. 

To make our birthday more meaningful, we need to become a better human being. Let this message be etched in our minds, so that in future while celebrating our or our family members birthdays, it will help us to re-assess our way of living. Let us look at the good deeds and remember the good words of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and learn and follow the exemplary life of Sri Sai Master in the current times tiding over worldly matters so easily. May we seek blessings of Ammagaru on this day to give us strength to move ahead with dedication to walk on their path.

Jai Sai Master!!

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