Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sree Sadguru Baba Saayee - Tujha waanchuni aashraya naahi bhutalee!

Jai Sai Master!

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Science defines that there is one energy and in different forms. Those who were spiritual in the east, understood this long ago and focused on realising the truth. The same energy, which manifested in every form, be human or animal or plant or any other in this world, is to be experienced rather than understood theoretically. The same energy, was named differently by different people. In some religions there is no limit to what you call the same, and in some, you call only with one name. Be whatever, it is that we all need to experience for we are given with sense faculties and most importantly, thought.

The evolution, while still a big enigma for those who are trying in any other way than through spiritual practices, gave rise to a beautiful world. For those who can see it, can feel the manifestation of the same Energy, in  different forms and bow to it with reverence. It is the problem of those who can not see that, and worse, of those who do not even try to look at that side with interest. In life, at every milestone, more than 2 opportunities are presented to every human. It is the seeker, who selects the right path or look up to the guidance of wise men (Guru) to select the right path. [This is where all the sayings of our elders (like - all the glitters is not gold or the other side of the bank is green etc.) come handy to keep our head in balance]. Sri Shirdi Sai Baba is the manifestation of the same energy, or Lord Dattatreya. Every word HE spoke or every deed that HE did, teach us the right way of living. There is no need to struggle to understand the vedas (which we will start interpreting with our narrow views) or Upanishads. Sri Shirdi Sai Baba's life itself is a the result of all those. To understand that we have to go to the right source, and to help us understand HIM better, we have Sri Sai Master. 

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba is called the Maharaj of the group of Saints who are around us to guide us on the right path when we seek the direction. It is us, who need to just ask for it. Sri Sai Baba said - I will look at YOU, IF you look at ME. There can not be a better chance than this for any one who needs guidance without falling in to many traps laid out by wordly maya. Those who are living in the world currently, have a great opportunity to live right, just by looking up to a great Master who by living all HIS life in teaching about HIS Guru and penned many books, now holy for the seekers. They give a thorough understanding of how to live right, how to think right, working with right intent etc.. They are not mere words. They are all life time experiences gathered painstakingly for many long years by Sri Sai Master

As we are going to celebrate February 9th, the day on which Sri Sai Master experienced Brahmanubhuti at Shirdi, let us cleanse ourselves and walk towards it, with a desire to experience the same on that holy day!  May Sri Sai Master bless us all!

Jai Sai Master !!

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