Friday, March 29, 2013

Lifetime Teachings 20 - SAI MASTER SAYS.....

Jai Sai Master!

It is all Energy and it is flowing across. In human beings, we take in energy in different forms and the same needs to be let out appropriately to balance out. If this energy is directed for right purpose, then we align with natural forces and if the same energy is used for non-beneficial purposes (for the beings around or environment around), then natural forces try to correct till a time, when they can not correct, but will eliminate the body which is not being used appropriately. This is nothing but acting against set rules, and they are set by Nature. when our body responds inappropriately or health-upheavals are all indicators of this non-alignment. Most of the time, we do not use our intelligence to channelise our energies, that's when we go against the rules. The movement of energy and the our chitta (or way of thinking) must align to ensure the energy flow happens smoothly through us and we become an integral part of the whole. 

Sri Sai Master, in one of the books - Matam Enduku? (Why Religion?), wrote thus:

A dam is used to control the flow of energy, as some energy gets wasted in the flow itself. when there is a dam, the energy gets accumulated which can be diverted to appropriate causes, like generating energy. In the similar fashion, if the flow of material is controlled appropriately, then the energy can be utilised to prevent our body from falling prey to diseases and further. The body can be turned in to a diamond. In the similar fashion, if the flow of thoughts is controlled, then we can achieve control over our mind and prevent it falling prey to worldly weaknesses.  Every human being can use the two forces, flow of prana and faculty of thought, as complementing forces to achieve whatever we set out for. (from the book "Matham Enduku?")

While Sri Sai Master explained so lucidly the secret of achieving higher efficiencies which will yield greater happiness, it is up to us now to contemplate on this and follow this simple principle. Let us start working on this and practice it to see if we can control our energy flow to raise ourselves physically and mentally to a different state to work for betterment.

Jai Sai Master!!

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