Saturday, April 06, 2013

Lifetime Teachings 21 - SAI MASTER SAYS.....

Jai Sai Master!

During the discussions and readings of understanding the nature of life and nature of universe, few things stand out. That, it is all energy and and every thing is a manifestation of the energy. It is also a fact that there are different forms and they do exist. If one looks at the fundamentals, everything comprises of the same electrons, protons etc..None of these are static, as we all know and try to go back to our science learning days. When we all are made up of electrons and protons etc.. which are in continuous movement, then how can we all appear to be static and stable? 

That is the point. We are not stable, but everything around us is in a continuous movement. Relatively, it appears as though we are static. The whole of what we see is in continuous movement and if we can see either microscopically or macro level, we can understand that very easily. One of the many examples Sri Sai Master has given goes like this and I felt it is relevant for two reasons - one scientific and another moralewise.

What HE says is - take movie as an example. What we see on the screen is not real. Since the film contains thousands of pictures which when moved across the light at a speed, appears as if there is someone who is moving and talking etc.. Infact, none of them, individually does not have any movement or meaning like a movie poster. We feel the we feel the movement in real life. (free translation of the words by Sri Sai Master from the book, "Edi Nijam?")

When we start contemplating a little more deeply, we understand many things. Ofcourse, one of the things that we understand really well is the fact that we are idiots for, we watch the film, paying money to the person who is trying to make money on our weakness. Be it a star that we like, or song and dance, or the technology, though created sometimes, that we are after, but definitely, playing along to the tunes of the trickster who is living on us. We succumb to the emotions while knowing very well that what is being shown is not real and try to equate the same with our actual lives. This is what brings in many chaos. Be any medium, TV or cinema, leaves some imprint subconsciously and we try to imitate them at some points, which will add to many woes of our already difficult lives. 

Whether we believe in GOD or donot believe in GOD, understanding the fundamental and not being affected by the influences or looking at the fact without any lenses of desire, wants or opinions is what is required to live in this society with sanity. However, we all know it is the missing link for better life. Why not contemplate on the words such as mentioned above to try living with some happiness?

Jai Sai Master!!

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