Friday, October 21, 2011

Gratitude - A wonderful word ! (Part 1)

Thank you !

How many times, we would have used this word in our life so far? More important, how many times, we missed saying that to someone? Most often, we would have missed the people whom we need to say this to, for we have taken certain things for granted. 

The loving mother, who feeds or thinks of our hunger irrespective of our state and situations, the ever protective father inspite of us not bothering to heed him, our brothers and sisters who were always there to give us happiness whenever we feel like etc.. There are few others whom we miss completely..those who helped repairing our bicycle when it is broken, helped us get into the bus or van when we were kids, people who helped us get up when we fell, people who are always there to feed many like that.

Most of all these, we have forgotten the reason for our being. The Almighty or the GOD, who gave an opportunity to enjoy this wonderful creation, enjoy the scenic beauty and music, being in the form in which we could think unlike those animals and other living organisms. We must thank HIM at all times for giving us a chance to be a human being. As Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said - If someone is bothered to understand the GOD or try to reach HIM, then being a human is waste for getting human form is the most difficult in the whole of creation. 

Shirdi Sai Baba is a synonym for gratitude.

These were the words written by Sai Master in his Sri Sai Leelamrutam. Sri Sai Baba kept on saying Allah Malik, reminding everyone that everything belongs to HIM. Whatever he does, he never said, he did it. Instead used to say Allah Malik. He even gave his life to protect the son of Bayaji bai, who fed him in the initial days. That is the greatness of Sri Sai Baba. 

We are being supported by many people in our life. Money or materialistic things can never ensure the sustenance. Hence it is very important to remember that we are dependents on HIS grace and continuously be in the thought of serving others to the extent possible sincerely. Many people might think that they are paying and hence getting services. However, if GOD's will does not work, then nothing works, and that is understood by the most very late in life, where in even repenting would not help. Hence, everyone must try to thank THEE in every way possible and make him happy. 



  1. spreading spiritual teaching will change the social consiouness .

  2. Thanks Mr Thiagarajan..This is what we discussed other day. Hope to see many interesting articles from you.

  3. shiridi sai baba is the synonym of attitude...
    that's true......

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    1. I don't know about god ..god may be considered as one of his / her soul that helps him through out his/ her life