Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sri Siddharudha Swamy

" Gajanan visited me at Oubumbur tree near Shahpur. I blessed him. Ram Maruthi Maharaj and Siddharudha were with me at that time".

These are the words spoken by Sri Shirdi Sai Baba when Nana went to him. Sri Gajanan later became a great saint by name, Sri Gajanan Maharaj. 

Sri Siddharudha Samadhi, Hubli

Sri Siddarudha was a great mahatma and a contemporary of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. One day, Sri Sai Baba distributed sweets to all present. When asked for the reason, he said a person from a Mahatma's durbar came to see  him. Upon enquiring all the devotees present, it was found, one person came from Sri Siddharudha. 

Sri Siddharudha is considered the incarnation of the 16th century saint – philosopher Sri Nijaguna Shivayogi. The great saints of all religious compared him to Lord Shiva. His Guru, Sri Gajanandswamiji  who named him as ‘Siddharoodha’ as who conquered the three Gunas (sattva,rajas and tamas) as well as six Doshas – Vaasanas (like kaama,kroadha,lobha,moha, mada, mathsara). Siddharoodha was made to visit different piligrim centres for spiritual up-liftment of masses. The spiritual mentor of swamiji blessed him with initiation of avadhootashram diksha and guided the saint to initiate shivapanchakshari mantra – OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA. 

The holy message of this spiritual master, swami Siddharoodha, is ‘salvation is to know thyself and human body is the vehicle for liberation by practicing right conduct.

Sai Master advised many to visit Hubli and pay respects to Sri Siddarudha Swami and read his charitra. 

The revered great saint Sri Siddharoodha relinquished his mortal body and rejoined eternal divinity on 21-08-1929. His divine presence ever blesses the devotees through his Shivayoga Samadhi at Sri Siddharoodha swamiji’s ashram, built by his devotees in the memory of the great saint. He was born in the year 1836, and on the occassion of 175 years, in the year 2011, ashram is conducting special functions. 


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