Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Importance of "Sri Gurucharitra - the holy book"

Ours is a wonderful creation. It is still being explored and understood using science which is rapidly progressing. Yet we are encountering more questions than answers in every sense as we dig deeper. Across the world, if one observes closely, there is the only other way of understanding this vast and mysterious creation- the Occidental way i.e.,  the scriptures and teachings of Great Souls help us to understand thees most fundamental questions:

1)      Nature of Creation and human being
2)      Nature of the ETERNAL TRUTH which can be called in many ways, which I will refer to as ALL PERVADING or GOD.

The human being, endowed with a beautiful instrument called “Buddhi” or “power to think”, has time and again tried to use it to gain supremacy over all other beings, objects and the way this nature functions, but has failed miserably. There are many proofs which show that some supranatural force acts decisively, whenever this buddi deviates beyond a threshold causing destruction to the society.

Hence, it is very important for every human being to understand the purpose of life to live harmoniously with nature so as to care for and love others. The day the path gets deviated, like many times in current society, we experience the results of those deviations in most horrific ways. However, to ensure there is a balance and to teach the right way of living, to explain the value systems, Great Souls appear time and again. It is difficult to recognize such mahatmas because they do not particularly stand-out by their behavior or attire, they do stand-out through their attitude and way of life. One needs to seek for such people and take shelter under such persons, by giving up completely to them or surrendering to them, to achieve the purpose of life as defined by the Supranatural or GOD. But this is the tricky step. It is not easy to identify such people easily unless we are ready in every sense. So, how can this be made possible?

One look at Maharastra, where the GURU PARAMPARA still thrives, shows that there is an easy way. THE WAY OF ‘SRI GURUCHARITRA’ PARAYANA.

The importance of this book cannot be expressed in simple ways, for Shirdi Sai Baba himself made his disciple Kushabhav read Sri Gurucharitra 108 times before he granted him the boon of being his guru. Every seeker has to follow the same path and this path is well etched in all religions. The one seeking a right guru, must read Sri Gurucharitra with that sole purpose and his guru will appear in some form to direct him appropriately. In today’s world, where everyone claims himself or herself as a Guru in every street corner, trying to woo people with exotic names, there is only one way to reach the guru – reading the SRI GURUCHARITRA.


To read Sri Gurucharitra use this link - (for english)                                            

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