Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Master of the Universe

Jai Sai Master!

Great to see this blog going on!! Master's birthday is at the end of this month, on October 30th. Amma's Birthday has just been celebrated on October 1st! What better month is there to start writing in this blog?

In my first post, I would love to share a few things.

First :
This stotram on Master is compiled by yours' truly. Any mistakes in chanda or pada be forgiven by mother saraswati, and may the readers take the meaning of it to heart, rather than the letter. Here it is.

For those who do not read Telugu, here it is :
Sreenidhim Nidhiravyaktam Nirdwandwam Nischalam Vibhum
Kevalam Vipulam Saakshim Bharadwajam Aham Bhaje
Bhaya Klesha Haram Shaantam Vairaagyaadi Subhuushitam,
Sai Sishyam Muni Sreshtham Bharadwajam Aham Bhaje
Rachanaamrita Daataaram Vachanaamrita Saagaram
Bodhanaamrita Roopam Tam Bharadwaajam Aham Bhaje
Dwaadasaakshari Swaroopam Tam Viswaroopa Viraajitam
Kaalaroopam Viroopaaksham Bharadwaajam Aham Bhaje
Jagadeeswaram Kavim Devam Anasooyaatri Nandanam
Vedagamyam Parama Purusham Bharadwaajam Aham Bhaje

Bhagavaan Bharadwaja Krupaalambane Sarwa Bhedaan Samantu
ChandaaksharaPadaadi doshaan Bhakti moolaan Samantu!

Second :
Braille Editions of Master's books will be available by Dattajayanti.

By the grace of Master, we hope to make available braille editions of Sai Baba the Master (and other books as required) for the benefit of our brothers who are blind. This was declared in the Divine presence of Amma on the Divine occassion of Her Birthday. May Master be with us all, bless us all, and guide us all from darkness to Light!!

Jai Sai Master!!

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  1. Jai Sai Master!!!

    On reading about the Diksha for the great day October 30, 2011, I realised that it was strongly motivating us to remember Baba continuously,all the time. A line from 'THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF TAJUDDIN BABA OF NAGPUR' written by PUJYASRI ACHARYA EKKIRALA BHARADWAJA immediately struck my mind, ".......so long as one does not forget and lose one's individual self and existence in God's omnipresence through constant remembrance of Him, so long all efforts to realise Divine grace and beauty are fruitless."

    By Divyajanani Ammagaru's grace, May our efforts be fruitful!

    Jai Sai Master!!!