Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Music of the soul and Deepavali !

Deepavali - A day, on which YOU light the lamp of knowledge to remove the darkness called ignorance - Pujya Sri Acharya Ekkirala Bharadwaja.

One of the wonderful and most colorful festivals celebrated all over India, and now across the world, is Deepavali. The festival, where in the whole family celebrates by lighting lamps and firing crackers, distributing sweets and sharing the joy.


Deepavali is celebration of success of good over evil. TRULY. This is the festival, which reminds all the family to light the lamp within to fight the ignorance and start realising self. Light can clear the darkness to enable one to see clearly, and thus can help one to search the eternal TRUTH, which is WITHIN. When the soul is pure and ready, Master will appear to help to cross the ocean of samsara.

The more lamps we light, the more bright our soul will be removing darkness from every nook and corner, then more we will get benefited. On this day, Goddess Lakshmi came out during the churning of Ocean for elixir. This is a symbolic way of explaining arrival of Goddess of Knowledge (which brings in all cheer and other good) to lighten up and making our lives more cheerful as per Sai Master. The lamps are lit in small earthern pots of different shapes and sizes but originating from same matter, the soil, which reminds us of omnipresent qualities of GOD.

Let us clean ourselves to invite the Goddess of Knowledge by lighting lamps in our Soul. Let the music of soul be heard clearly and loudly marking a wonderful life ahead.


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