Saturday, October 08, 2011

Sai Master – a rare persona !

The thought that rises in the mind of one who has Sri Sai in every breath and is immersed in HIS bhakti can turn the universal power in its favour to implement it successfully. That thought does not need any other blessings – Sri Swami Purnananda.

Anyone who had the fortune of meeting Sai Master, will remember his energy and his single minded focus on explaining about Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. On a single day, multiple times, he spoke on Sai Baba with the same freshness says Ammagaru.
 His continuity of thought, focus on the points, lucid and logical way of explaining, to any age group are some of the qualities people who met him remember. He lived a simple life, during his college days and even after marriage, without thinking about austerities, continuing his focus on the purpose of his avatar. He faced many adverse conditions and  resistance from his closest but none could put a spoke in his mission which the divine force was supporting to the hilt.  

He met many mahatmas (great souls) and all the encounters show what a great person he is.
Few of them:
“Sai Baba ka beta” said Sri Gulavani Maharaj, addressing Sai Master.
Sri Pakalpati Gurugaru had a vision of him as Lord Mahavishnu.
Chivatam Amma, who never encouraged anyone to visit her, adored him and felt very happy whenever Sai Master visited her.

As Sai Master said, it is better to read a book on any great soul rather than being in his presence for we focus on the personality of the mahatma rather than his noble thoughts or deeds and instead of getting benefitted, will lose more. This is true of people of today’s world. Hence, I feel, reading and knowing more about Sai Master is many time more beneficial to all of us, rather than being sorry for not seeing him in person.

Come! Let us know more and more about him, read more of his books and contemplate, to prepare ourselves to follow this rare persona!


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