Sunday, October 09, 2011

A Great day on the horizon - October 30, 2011

As we are moving towards historically important year, 2013, named as " Sri Bharadwaja Prabhanjana samvatsaram", to commemorate the most important milestones of every follower of Sai Master, the 75th birthday of Pujya Acharya Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja, that date will also start becoming a major milestone in everybody's life, spiritually, from now on. Divyajanani Ammagaru has given a parayana method to all Sai Master devotees to ensure they stay spiritually focused to celebrate this historic day and if possible to enable few to awaken spiritually. (page 30 of In an effort to support the big cause, and to enable people to get in to the groove, from this year, few simple dikshas are being given for short bursts of time. 
Following the same practice, as a run up to coming October 30th, another small diksha is given. (details of the same are given on

1) Sit for 20 minutes every day, looking in to Master's and Sai Baba's photo.
2) Pick any one sadhana method from "Dhyanayoga Sarvaswam" and start practicing for 40 minutes every day.
3) Read slokam from "Maro Nanada deepam"
4) Read and think Sai Baba or listen to Sai Master's speeches or read literature before sleeping

Though everyone does parayana, it is the implementation which is most important, as Sri Sai Baba said. There is no doubt that the above ways will make people start thinking about Sai Master and Sri Sai Baba for most of the day.

May Sai Master and Ammagaru give enough strength to all to sustain the movement forward and make most of these dikshas!


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