Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sai Master's encounter with Ma Anandmayi

In this auspicious Navarathri time, let us talk about one of the Greatest Saints of India - Sri Anandamayi amma - for she was widely prayed as living Kali. 

She is widely recognized as a personality of great spiritual eminence and exalted soul by many. Like another saint, Chivatam Amma, she was also simple in explaining and showing the right way. Here is an example (excerpt from anandamayi.org):

How can we get rid of the sense of 'me' and 'mine' ('amar' in Bengali)?

Ma: Delete this ‘a’ at the beginning; what remains is ‘mar’ (lit ‘belonging to Ma’, ‘of Ma’). Let< the five senses and the five organs of action do their work, but stay put on the Name; then, your ego will gradually diminish. When you feel that the recitation of the Name is going on spontaneously from within, the ego will decrease as well.

 Sai Master met Ma Anandamayi on 3 occassions and all three times, "Sai ka beta" (as was referred by Sri Gulavani Maharaj) was guided by his Guru, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. All the three times, he was blessed profusely by Sai Baba, through her, and it happened only after, he prayed to Baba. This firmed up the belief of Master that Shirdi Sai will guide his disciples even after Samadhi and his presence can be felt everywhere.

Sai Master wrote a book, as a part of his series -" Encounters with Mahatmas" - titled "Sri Ananadamayi Amma". This was intended to explain Baba's omnipresence and how he showers his grace through Mahatmas. 

The book can be accessed on-line here - http://saibharadwaja.org/books/readbook.aspx?book=8


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