Sunday, October 16, 2011

SAIBABA - a spiritual and scientific magazine to gain Knowledge and to strengthen the faith

"GOD exits. I have complete faith."

Is this enough to have faith and does not try to understand more about HIM and follow what HE said? Do we need to understand the objectives of this wonderful creation?

Having faith does not mean that we should not question with a purpose to understand more about the Lord or Eternal Truth. This is infact the right way rather than following blindly. Today, the generation does not understand the customs or the methods of prayer and such. Everyone is turning out to be a blind follower. We do not even know why we need to go to a place of worship often, what should be our mental state when we are going, what should we do when we are there. Instead of digging deeper like a true seeker, we shy away from even talking about GOD.

Many times, we go to a place of worship with attention somewhere. If the container to receive Lord's grace is not pure, then what is the use of seeking GOD? The ever caring and ever loving Lord showers HIS grace on every being equally. Our state of mind does not allow to feel or receive the  divine grace. Then what do we do to receive the grace? Should we stop working and start becoming sages?

Not necessary. Remembering a quote from Sri Sai Leelamrutam help us:

Work; Ready holy scriptures; Think of Lord and utter HIS name".

This needs to be followed irrespective of caste, creed or religion and is the essence of all holy scriptures. We must carry out our work, as if it is our responsibility, sincerely and truthfully. The work should be helpful to the larger sections of the society and follow dharma. Reading holy scriptures will help us understand the right way of living or help us understand dharma. This will also help us make our focus on Lord sharper and stay tuned on HIS deeds and words. As Sai Master said, reading holy scriptures is "gaining knowledge".

Sai Master founded SAI BABA magazine, to help those who can not read and understand the holy scriptures or who do not know how to follow them in their daily life. Those who feel they do not have enough time to read and understand may read this magazine to fill the void. This magazine, which explains spirituality using current science, is a boon to many Sai devotees to understand HIS omnipresence.

Let us make use of this divine opportunity and read SAI BABA magazine in our spare times to fuel our faith in the Lord.


Note: The above is a free translation from from Sai Master's article on Sai Baba magazine (June 2011)

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