Saturday, October 15, 2011

Desire & Fear - The Lords of every house?

Life is very interesting, if one cares to take keen interest in it

For those, who pass time, calling it living, many things escape our "beautiful" closed eyes. Or we let them pass-by thinking they are irrelevant. But again, we run to seek peace and happiness, while just by opening eyes would tell us where they are.

Irony of life is - whenever one thinks " I want....", what follows this is - "what if I lose...?". The follower is always humble and never raising its voice, however, present always like a shadow. At certain critical times in life, the humble servant becomes our master and controls our destiny. 

This is nothing but desire-fear cycle, as I understood from Babugaru.

There are few, very few, but definitely there, whom this cycle does not affect. They are Mahatmas, or noble souls. They never ask for anything or accumulate anything allowing insecurity to seep in to their lives. They believe in nature and know that the mother nature will give when they need it and ask for them. Why we can not live like this or atleast think of moderating our "wants" to reduce the many shadows following us? Those who know Sai Master, have seen him having very minimal items in the house even after he was married. He always advocated against cooking too many items, or having too many utensils, as one would start spending time on managing them which is a waste of time. Instead, the same time can be better utilised in Lord's service. 

Can we follow-him and learn to change atleast to some minutest part? There can not be a better time than this to start contemplating on these thoughts, for we are preparing to celebrate Master's 75th birthday in 2013. Contemplating on how he lived, and trying to follow his footsteps can be the best way of expressing our gratitude to him. 


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  1. i feel it is very relevant to paste SREE RAKHADI BABA's photo. if we remember his golden prabhodam and try to implement ,it also be the expression of our gratitude towards SAI MASTER. - vijaya sree.
    jai sai master!