Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mystic Mahatma of Undrajavaram !

He fits the role of Acharya. He is swimming against the "current" natural tide. He is a perfect Acharya!
Sri Sudheendra Babu
These were the words of Sri Sudheendra Babu about Pujya Acharya Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja. A Mahatma, who lived for years (his age or about him are vividly known) at Undrajavaram near Tanuku, talked highly of Sri Sai Master. To understand the statement made about him are not easily understood by commoners as we use the word Acharya to any one who we think is a teacher. But the deeper meaning of Acharya, or the real meaning  or role of Acharya is beyond comprehension. (this is explained beautifully in the recent Sai Baba Magazine. Refer to Page 5 of Magazine. Those who need english translation, please send a note to blog author).

Sri Sudheendra Babu is belived to have lived for many years, more than 500 years to be precise. No one can clearly tell what was he or who was he etc.. many of his deeds are like folklore stories. But those who went for his darshan had experiences to share. He was averse to giving darshan or talking about spiritual matters, unless the person who was visiting him was pure. He was most elusive saint living an ordinary life never wanting to reveal his greatness. However, he gave "darshan" to people only after they went with the blessings of Sri Sai Master. He even spoke to Divyajanani about the times 500 years ago and explained many things as per the eyewitness. 
Temple above Sri Sudheendra Babu Samadhi Mandir

Sri Sudheendra Babu once told the people who visited that he needs to have darshan of Sri Sai Master rather than he coming for Sri Babu's darshan. That was the respect he showed on Sai Master. Chivatam Amma, a avadhuta lived near to Undrajavaram called Sri Babugaru as her spiritual son. He used to come to her as and when Amma thought of him said Amma's followers. 

Today, is a great day, as today is his Aradhana by date and a great day to remember this mystic ageless mahatma who is still amidst us in various forms. May we seek his blessings on this auspicious day to strengthen our spiritual journey!

Jai Sai Master!


  1. Thanks for the info...if you have samadhi photos/videos of Sri Sudhindra Babu garu, Sri Pakalapati guruvu garu & Sri Ranganna Babu garu...pl upload.

  2. please understand who is sudheendrababu and what is his high enlightenment.dont try to use him to boast about bharadwajagaru.bharadwaja garu is like grandson to sudheendrababugaru in any sense.the photo of acharya over the head of sudheendrababu itself is an insult to great saints like sudheendrababu.you may think ur guru as anything but please dont degrade greatest yogis.