Monday, May 14, 2012

Sri Sai Leelemrutam - The living Guru in our midst!

Jai Sai Master!

Whenever we pick a book to read, the title makes a lot of difference to convey the meaning about the book. In the case of Sri Sai Leelamrutam, which is currently used by millions as a daily parayana holy book, like Bhagavadgita or Ramayana, one might get a doubt as to why it is called Sai Leelamrutam. 

Sri Sai Master, explained very lucidly that the life and history of Sri Sai Baba, who is a manifestation of Lord Dattatreya, is a living form of Him, and can help the real seeker to achieve the goal that seeker so desires by doing parayana sincerely. There are many who experienced it and are experiencing it across Andhra Pradesh and beyond. 

(The translation broadly - God created the universe and the beings and hence he is the Father. He supported the beings by giving them food and hence is the Mother. He gave us the guidelines in the form of vedas or Quran or The Bible and hence is our Good Friend who helps us in need. He is omnipresent and omnipotent and hence became Easwar. He came on to the earth in the form of Mahatmas or Jesus or Mohammed the Prophet and hence is our Guru who is guiding us through the ocean of Samsara. In one word, He is Lord Dattatreya in every form. The Guru, who is a manifestation of Lord Dattatreya, grants everything to the one who surrenders to Him completely, like a Kamadhenu or Chintamani or Kalpavriksha. Life of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba is one such and hence, the life and history of Sri Sai Baba is truly - Sri Sai Leelamrutam.)

Even today, in many houses, we see The Ramayanam or The Bhagavadgita or The Bhagavatam or such holy scriptures are daily worshipped as Gurus. In Sikhism, The Guru Granth Sahib, or the Adi Granth, is worshipped as a source or guide and is pivotal in worship. This Adi Granth, like Sri Sai Leelamrutam, teaches the omnipresence of the divine and has other similarities. The Adi Granth, which was first compiled by the fifth Sikh guru, Guru Arjan Dev, from hymns of the first five Sikh Gurus and other great saints, or Bhagats, includes those of the hindu and muslim faith, the way Sri Shirdi Sai Baba taught oneness without any caste, creed or religion.

Hence, it is very important to understand the importance of this Holy Book called Sri Sai Leelamrutam, and pay our gratitude to this, as our living Guru in our house who will be guiding us every day, every moment. 

Jai Sai Master!!

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