Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Deepavali wish - Sai Reham Najar karna bacchon ka palan karna!

Jai Sai Master!

It is that time of the year, when everyone looks forward to a great time. Starting with Dussehra, each of the festivals bring in more and more cheer culminating in Sankranthi, when the bounty comes home. Each festival has a speciality and particularly Deepavali with so much excitement, especially when kids are around.
Deepavali, is a festival of lights helping us bringing in more and more light in to our lives thus helping us dispel the darkness. Everyone must use the light to throw out the sorrows and desires out of our lives to lighten up our lives in all sincerity. This festival helps us to prepare for the Karthika pournami which is around the corner, when we go in search of our GURU who can light up the lamp of Jnana. These festivals must encourage us to look deeper and deeper in to us to find answers for the questions like, who are we? where are we? what is the purpose of living? Is there a better way of living? What is that we need from this life?

It is always easy to answer the last question - Happiness and happiness all around us. But how do we get it? Why can't we be happy ALL the time? So finding answers to all the questions above, putting aside the discussions whether we are atheists or theists or religion etc., is very important for us to move ahead in life with some clarity. This also helps in nature helping us finding right answers as we try to play this game of treasure hunt in our life. That is an in-built formula of nature and the answers come in various forms if we keep our eyes open and look at them clearly. Hence, this festival of lights helps us remind us the fact that we need to keep the lights on all the time and ever vigilant to keep them on all the time. Right thinking and ability to discern are the instruments to keep these lights on all the time and nothing more. 
This search which is starting today, if not started already, helps us get our light of Jnana being lighted up by the right opportunity which comes in the form of a GURU and that is the only wish we seek on this day!!

As we sing every day during our Aarti, let us pray to HIM to watch us over and help us all to tide over the sea of ignorance to reach the banks of Jnana! May this festival bring in the happiness we desire with all sincerity. Let us follow what Sri Sai Master said - let us try every moment to become a better human being !!

Jai Sai Master!!!

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