Saturday, December 08, 2012

Lifetime Teachings 15 - SAI MASTER SAYS.....

Jai Sai Master!

We all seek knowledge. Everyone of us, every moment, try to seek information or clarifications, which definitely will enhance our current level of information. Only issue is, ability to use the information appropriately, in right time and at right place. This is something that many of us lack due to our inability to analyse and stack them up rightly. Either we put them in silos thinking life is compartmentalized or dump them and fail to retrieve on-time. Since life is not like question and answer kind, many of us get lost in the sea of information.

We need the ability to discern various kinds of information. And only a guide can teach us how to seek THAT right information. That is why, Sri Sai Master says, a good doctor is much much better than many books on medicine and a knowledgeable and experienced man is better than a wonderful book. 

This is exactly what is mentioned above (excerpt from Sri Sai Leelamrutham by Pujya Sri Acharya Ekkirala Bharadwaja). HE says, the expert alone can lucidly explain the subject. Hence, once we find the expert, we must stop referring to the book, and listen to the expert attentively. Once we understand, try repeating that either by following or re-doing it so that we can remember the same forever. 

When this is true in a case like understanding a simple piece of information, how true it should be in case of understanding the life and purpose of it? 

Only a learned man can tell us why we are here, what is the role we need to play in this larger drama called - life. For a seeker, such learned man will appear at right time to teach the same and to direct appropriately in the path of Jnana. If fortunate, to mukthi or moksha, the elite state in which one understands the letter I. As we are born as human beings, and have plenty of opportunity compared to animals and the biological life, to search for such learned man and to know the secret of our life. That should be the only GOAL for everyone.

As we prepare to move out of Karthka month, a month represents Lord Shiva, the form which Jnana has taken, we all seek the blessings of Sri Sai Master, the Guru, to help us in our endeavour of finding the purpose and our role play. 

Jai Sai Master!!

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