Monday, March 11, 2013

Teachings of Milarepa - by Sri Sai Master!

Jai Sai Master!

Sri Shidi Sai Baba said the objective of human life is to search for a Sadguru. This is the only way in which one can succeed over death. However, for those of us, who are born in a materialistic world, it is indeed a herculean task. With so many distractions for our senses, and an unstable mind which is wandering like a monkey jumping from one branch to other, incessantly, all through, without allowing us to focus, it is very difficult to prepare ourselves to identify the omnipresent GURU or all-pervading teachings. Same is echoed by Sri Ramakrishna when HE said, those who got a human form, if they are not trying to find the GOD or the Ultimate TRUTH, then their life is waste. 

Every great soul or realised soul says the same, which normally appears against the worldly view. How to leave all that is giving us comforts is a big question mark. Is it really worthful to look at that side when this side is quite bright and cheerful. However, the big difference is, what ever we do on this side, we will not be happy or contended or cheerful. There is something or other which bothers us. So, late in the age, we realise that focusing on HIM is the best as HE is the one who gives that Happiness or contentment. But for those few handful of seekers, the prescribed method is prepare our mind, body to receive the GURU and when the same is ready, HE appears like good rain which brings out the best from the fertile mind. The best way to do this is to read the books on Mahatmas and contemplate on what they said continuously. In every religion or region, we have such great souls and it is our duty to go after and read as much as we can about them.

One such great person or Mahatma is MILAREPA. Sri Sai Master translated the book on HIM to telugu to give the readers an opportunity to know how a perfect disciple follows his GURU.


In one of HIS teachings HE says that all worldly jobs or works, there is only one result and that is unhappiness. Any effort on worldly matter will only result in either profit or loss, or coming together or separation of people. All buildings built will end up as ruins. Knowing this simple things, one should stop collecting things. One might ask, what should one do and what is the duty of a human. Milarepa says - search for GURU. Once we find one, follow the GURU's directions without fail. While doing so, try acquiring knowledge which will take us beyond normal life and death cycles.

As Sri Sai Master mentioned in the foreword of this book, we have to continuously read about Holy people or Mahatmas which will help us to realise the purpose of our lives and help us work around the situations to work towards the purpose. 

Jai Sai Master!!

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