Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Way of Sai Master

What does one want in life?

Peace and happiness.

And to continuously be in that state. However, majority of mankind does not understand those two words, otherwise, they would be seeking answers for those. Even though we live in a society, as an individual we need to think about attaining that state. Then only, collectively, the society can gain that state. Otherwise, chaos prevails in the society.

It is important for every human being to know what is life, the purpose of life, how to live and so on. Without ever thinking about these, one will be passing the time, rather than living. To know the answers to the above questions, we need to read scriptures and look up to Mahatmas. However, one needs to contemplate what all those guiding lights said about life and start living in that way, and work towards attaining a state of happiness and peace. But many falter in not contemplating and following. Just by blindly listening or reading of these scriptures does not help attain that state.

Sai Master has written "Edi Nijam", which explains this concept very lucidly. The one who understands this can understand the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba completely, rather than as mere god.

To read this book in telugu, follow the link:

Those who need this in English, please send in a message.


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  1. it is very happy by seeing fulfilled your commitment JAI SAI MASTER To know EDI NIJAM In english can you direct me JAI SAI MASTER