Monday, October 29, 2012

Mother, Father, Guide, True Friend, Philosopher, Mentor...many words, one form - SRI SAI MASTER !!

Jai Sai Master!

Everyone needs a GUIDE in their life, without whom we can not go ahead in life. 

A statement that reminds us the need to chose the RIGHT guide to achieve progress in life. If one carefully looks at his / her life, they understand how many hands helped them to reach that stage. Without any, no one can. It is just that at different times, different names are given to those helping hands, but nevertheless there are those helping hands to whom we must be thankful at all times.

This is what Sri Shirdi Sai Baba said.

HE said - "once four of us were walking in a jungle discussing after reading holy scriptures and trying to understand them. While doing so, they found a person who enquired where they were going. They did not reply but continued. That person, looking like a coolie, warned them that they might lose their way if they do not have a person to guide them through that jungle. But they did not heed to his words and continued and lost their way. By sheer grace, they returned to the same spot and again the person appeared in front of them and said - "It is not proper to depend only on your intelligence. For everything, one needs a guide. Without the grace, no meeting happens with others. You must take it as a good omen if someone gives food and should never say no. With empty stomach no one can go on searching. One must be patient and calm"

(From Sri Sai Leelamrutam - a holy biography of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba written by Sri Sai Master)

It is just that we need to pay them the gratitude at each and every moment for making us what we are today and for continuing to protect us.

The GUIDE or the MASTER, leads us, when we surrender completely, to the final point of life, by moulding us continuously. (if one reads the story of MILA REPA, it is easy to understand the same). It is not easy to find such a MASTER, with our senses prevailing on us all the time. But when we find one such, we should never let go of that person. 

I bow to one such TRUE MASTER who lightened up many lives and continuing to do so. The one who is guiding us to understand the right way of living, understand the meaning of humanity. Religion or no religion, living like a real human being, working for the society at large, to help the poor in the right sense so that the whole society can work in tandem. 

I bow to the MASTER for being there in many forms amidst us to guide us and our generations!! 

On the eve of HIS 75th Jayanthi, I pray to HIM to bless the efforts of those few great hands which are working to create the ideal way of living as described by HIM. 

Jai Sai Master!!

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